Naomi Sweetness Howard

Project Manager

I am an analytical and formulation chemist, currently in the final year of my PhD at Loughborough University. Prior to this I studied my masters and undergraduate degrees at the University of Greenwich in formulation chemistry and nutrition respectively. I have always had a passion for diversity, equality and inclusion (EDI) work with a particular passion for increasing the accessibility and retention of and within education. I have been involved in many different EDI related projects over the years, but the BOND Chemistry Project has been my first opportunity to take the lead and manage a project of my own. I am passionate about promoting education throughout the Black community and believe this research project will act as a brilliant stepping stone towards achieving these goals within the chemical sciences.


Symiah Barnett

Assistant Manager

I am enrolled on a PhD research program at Loughborough University where I will be carrying out at-site microplastic monitoring for rivers and marine environments.  I completed my undergraduate degree at Aston university, during my time at Aston university I sat on the working group for decolonising the curriculum and I worked closely with the leadership team to promote inclusion and diversity throughout the University. Additionally, I was a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry advisory group for inclusion and belonging in the chemical sciences, and I look forward to working on the BOND Chemistry Project.


George Taylor

Team Member


Daniel Howard

Team Member